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Application and Product of Main Magnesium-containing Mineral-water Magnesite
2019-11-04 11:37:15

Application and product of main magnesium-containing mineral-water magnesite

[Magnesia material] mainly magnesium-containing mineral-water-magnesite-stone

Definition: The water-magnesite[3 MgCO3 · Mg (OH)2 · 3H2O] is a kind of natural base magnesium carbonate.


1. Physiochemical properties of magnesite: 

The weight loss at the time of heating to C. was 15.61%, the weight loss at 477 ℃ was 25.55%, and the weight loss at 72.7 ℃ was 15.00%. The molecular formula can be found out that the MgO accounts for 43.96%, the H2O accounts for 19.38%, the combined water accounts for 14.84%, and the CO2 accounts for 36.26%. The water-magnesite-stone has the following advantages that: (1) the magnesium-containing amount is high; after the brucite, the magnesite and the forsterite are only second after the brucite, the magnesite and the forsterite in the proven magnesium-containing non-metallic mineral, the impurities are lower, and the manganese-containing ore is one of the pure MgO ores; (3) the product is solid MgO and the gas is H2O and 

The results of differential thermal analysis and chemical analysis show that the ore has high magnesium content, white quality, low impurity content and decomposition temperature of 727 ℃. It is a kind of high quality magnesium non-metallic mineral material, and it is a high quality raw material for making magnesia material, which is widely used, but has little research and application in the field of fire resistance. According to the actual situation of storage area, heavy basic magnesium carbonate and heavy active magnesium oxide powder series products were manufactured by mechanical processing and chemical processing with brucite as raw material. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, refractories and other industries, and the prospect is very broad. According to the actual situation of storage area, water magnesite 

Brucite powder was prepared by mineral processing, pretreatment, crushing, ultra-fine grinding, surface treatment and graded packaging. About dry or wet crushing, according to the market requirements, there are particle size requirements. When the particle size of the product is not less than 10 μ m, it is suitable to be crushed by dry method; when the particle size requirement is not more than 10 μ m, especially if the particle size is less than 2 μ m or less, it is appropriate to crush by wet method; dry and wet surface treatment depends on the market demand and the characteristics of surface treatment agent.

Magnesite is calcined to prepare heavy active magnesium oxide powder, which is used to prepare magnesium hydroxide, light magnesium carbonate, light magnesium oxide and other products. When the water magnesite is completely decomposed at 727 ℃, it can be converted into magnesium oxide. The chemical reaction formula is 3MgCO3 Mg (OH) 2 ·3H2O ≤ 4MgO 3CO2 ≤ 4H2O (temperature 727 ℃).

Brucite, which is very dense and has high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation, can be prepared by electric melting, and its service life is 2: 3 times longer than that of molten magnesite. If brucite and dolomite are calcined, the products can be used in iron and steel manufacturing industry, such as P, S and treatment slag; the product of brucite and calcium carbonate calcined at 800 °1150 ℃ can be used to treat sugar beet juice in sugar industry as decolorizing agent.