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Brucite And Its Application
2018-11-07 14:32:29


1 brucite resources in the world

Brucite is a rare non-metallic mineral. The former Soviet union in the early 1960 s to the development and utilization of brucite, then the United States, Canada, and north Korea also found part of the deposit for the mining. Development is larger in Russia in the south of xiaoxinganling cooley, all brucite deposit, but its development speed is very slow. The United States also has many localities of brucite resources.

Brucite deposit is not widely distributed in the world scope, and scale deposit generally small, mainly concentrated in Russia, the United States, Canada, Korea, Norway, etc. The main brucite deposit at home and abroad


2 brucite resources in our country

NingJiang successively in China in recent years in shaanxi, qinghai qilian mountain, sichuan, henan XiXia, asbestos, JiLinJi Ann liaoning FengCheng, kuandian, found and brucite mineral development.

So far, China has proven reserves of brucite resources total has more than 2 5 million t, belongs to the medium gas reserves,

From the known data of liaoning FengCheng comb hills, sun ditch, Liu Guhe town and Xu Gutai region with the most abundant brucite resources, reserves of 1 0 million t; Shaanxi NingJiang region's proven brucite reserves of 7.8 million t; JiLinJi Ann's proven brucite reserves of 2 million t.

From brucite ore quality, scale and mining conditions, in liaoning province brucite resources in China, best kuandian water magnesium quarry near brucite quality (%) : the theory of MgO style 66.44, 29.00 H2O, SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 0.73 0.21 0.80. With the rapid development of China's economy, rationally develop and utilize existing brucite resources in liaoning province is very important.


3 brucite resources characteristics and product quality requirements

Brucite mineral resources main features as follows: (1) high content of brucite useful components, harmful impurity content is low; (2) water magnesium genesis of SiO2, Al2O3, Na, K, and the water content is high, does not produce toxic when processing; Genesis of excluding alkaline elements, (3) water magnesium chloride and the use of sea water and evaporation materials will encounter difficulties of sulfate; (4) brucite dissociation temperature than magnesite is low, its low energy consumption when roasting; (5) of magnesium oxide was obtained from the water magnesium stone have larger chemical activity; 6 water magnesium rock close to single mineral properties, its composition is stable.


Solvent-free non-asbestos environmental sealing material and process

The present invention belongs to the field of sealing material, it adopted the non-asbestos fiber material as the basic skeleton of sealing material, achieve the enhancement purpose to the material mechanics performance. Which include inorganic and organic fiber, NBR powder, all kinds of packing, paint, all kinds of additives, including NBR powder 10-20%, organic fiber, aramid fiber 1-10%, 1-10% cellulose; Inorganic fiber, sepiolite 30-60%, aluminum silicate 0-10%, brucite 0-10%; Assistant: the vulcanizing agent 1-5%, 0.1 2% lead stearate, N, N '- double (2 - benzothiazole disulfide generation) gung oxazine 0.1 2%; Packing: 1-10% calcium carbonate, barium sulfate 0-10%, kaolin 0-10%; Pigment: carbon black 0-5%, chromium trioxide 0-2%, red 0-2%. This invention USES powder adhesive production technology, good compatibility between components, overcome because of volatile solvent system brought about by the environmental pollution and harm to human body, and because of not using solvent and reduces the production cost, convenient production, high efficiency, environmental protection, the advantages of low production cost.

Fibrous brucite in the application of the reinforced cement products

In recent years as new building materials to the direction of light weight, high strength, fiber reinforced cement products widely used. Reinforcing fiber are usually adopted with asbestos, glass fiber, plant fiber, organic fiber and steel fiber. But there is asbestos carcinogenicity, plants, inflammable organic fiber itself. Price of steel fiber is high, thus fibrous brucite became the ideal natural fiber materials, the use effect is good.