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Effect of Temperature on Crystal Structure of Magnesium Hydroxide(1)
2018-11-06 11:27:16

In recent years, the research on magnesium hydroxide is in full swing, and high purity and flame retardant grade magnesium hydroxide has become a problem of concern. However, the specific specification of magnesium hydroxide can be used as flame retardant in the field of polymer, become a problem. The crystal structure changes of magnesium hydroxide were obtained under different hydrothermal temperature conditions. The mechanism of temperature on the growth of magnesium hydroxide crystal was obtained. Reburning dead burnt magnesite company to introduce you:

In recent years, as a kind of additive flame retardant, magnesium hydroxide has been paid more and more attention with the increasing demand for environmental protection. But what kind of magnesium hydroxide can be used as flame retardant has become a topic of concern. It was previously thought that magnesium hydroxide could be used as a flame retardant, but not in practice. There are many factors restricting the flame retardant effect of magnesium hydroxide: purity, impurity content, moisture content, particle size distribution, SEM,BET,XID and so on.

Reburning dead burnt magnesite company to introduce you:

There are many production methods of magnesium hydroxide in our country at present. The traditional brucite is the most widely used method in our country. Chemically synthesized magnesium hydroxide also has a lot of domestic work. There are ammonia cycle synthesis, calcium hydroxide method, sodium hydroxide method and so on. However, either method should be carefully treated to meet the requirements of flame retardancy. In fact, the domestic production of chemical magnesium hydroxide is also an extensive process. The purity of magnesium hydroxide is very high, but it is difficult to be used in polymer field, mainly because of poor compatibility and processability. After ultrafine modification, it is processed. Cheng Huifa yellow and other phenomena.

magnesium hydroxide,brucite,magnesite

dead burnt magnesite company to introduce you: special crystal structure of magnesium hydroxide can be used as flame retardant. Magnesium hydroxide obtained by chemical reaction is hexagonal, and the agglomeration phenomenon is serious, which restricts the physical properties of magnesium hydroxide. How to eliminate the interfacial tension of magnesium hydroxide and reduce the intermolecular surface energy has become the focus of research. The effect of temperature on the crystal structure of magnesium hydroxide has been obtained through a lot of experiments.

2, test, dead burnt magnesite company to introduce you:

1. Test principle

Magnesium hydroxide was precipitated by the reaction of sodium hydroxide and magnesium chloride.

2 NaOH MgCl 2=Mg(OH)2 2 NaCl

2, raw material

Brine: local waste liquor containing salt, the main ingredient of which is magnesium chloride

Liquid alkali: 32% of industrial sodium hydroxide produced by Weifang Haobang Salinization Co., Ltd.

3. Instruments and equipment

Precipitator hydrothermal reactor filter press flash dryer laser particle size analyzer SEM tester XID diffractometer

4. Process

The molar concentration of liquid base and magnesium ion in brine were determined in advance. The two raw materials were titrated in the environment of 40-50 degrees according to a certain concentration ratio. The titration time was 90 minutes. After titration, the titration was completed and aged for 20 minutes. Transfer all the materials into the hot reactor, give it certain conditions, let its crystal nucleus grow.

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