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Magnesium Hydroxide Flame Retardant and Medicinal Magnesium Hydroxide
2018-11-07 11:36:36

To promote cable smoke suppression, smoke suppression magnesium hydroxide flame retardants widely expected: brucite factory introduction

"the fire has strengthened expectations for the smoke suppression and smoke suppression functions of flame retardants for cables, and we have great hopes for inorganic flame retardants such as magnesium hydroxide." At the recent 2013 annual meeting of the China Plastics Association expert Committee on New Plastics Materials, New Technologies and New achievements held in Qingdao, experts said so.

Experts say that although magnesium hydroxide as a flame retardant for plastics is still in its infancy, the huge damage to life and property caused by frequent fires has forced all walks of life to take this issue seriously. In particular, the shocking fact of the fire scene-most people are not directly burned by the fire, but suffocated by inhaled gas, which has strengthened people's expectations of the flame retardant smoke suppression and smoke elimination function. The controversy over organic bromine flame retardants continues, but the alternatives to brominated flame retardants-completely nontoxic, efficient and easy to use-are not yet mature. People on magnesium, aluminum hydrogen Oxides and inorganic flame retardants such as zinc borate have great promise.

It is understood that the low-smoke non-halogen cable will not emit toxic smoke when burning, which can avoid serious harm to human health and monitoring equipment during fire, and reduce the secondary loss of fire. The base material of low smoke halogen free cable is polyolefin and halogen free material which is not flame-retardant by itself. It can be made into low smoke halogen-free material only by adding halogen-free flame retardant such as aluminum hydroxide or magnesium hydroxide. It is understood that the decomposition temperature of aluminum hydroxide is relatively low. For polyethylene or polypropylene, where the processing temperature is nearly 200 ℃ or higher, the flame retardant has begun to decompose before the processing is completed, which not only affects the flame retardancy of the material, And the plastics being processed The properties of the material are worse. Magnesium hydroxide has a much higher decomposition temperature than aluminum hydroxide and is relatively stable at the processing temperature of polyethylene or polypropylene.

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How to define Medicinal Grade magnesium hydroxide: introduction to brucite Plant

Mainly depends on impurity content, brucite factory introduction.

Edible substances, in addition to being non-toxic, require no harmful chemicals and no microorganisms.

Medicinal substances also require no impurities (there can be no absolute "pure matter", but the impurity content must be below the toxicity limit) and no microbes.

However, the drug's tolerance to impurity content is different from the way it is used: injecting drugs must be pure and pure, oral drugs must not contain "soluble and absorbable" harmful substances; External medicine (such as saline cleaning wounds) as long as there are no microbes, no obvious harmful impurities, the content of impurities can be wider. That is to say, injection drug is the strictest, oral use is less strict than injection medication, foreign medicine is looser.