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Take Note of the Production of Magnesium Oxide Flame Retardant
2020-03-21 13:39:45

 Take Note of the Production of Magnesium Oxide Flame Retardant

 Magnesium oxide is an oxide of magnesium and is also an ionic compound. It is a white solid at room temperature. What should we pay attention to when storing magnesium oxide in hot summer? First, magnesium oxide should ensure that containers do not leak, do not collapse, do not cause any damage, prevent magnesium oxide leakage dispersion, second, during transport, do not let the mixture of magnesium oxide and etc.  The temperature of the environment should be controlled between 22 and 23 degrees. In winter, the temperature of the production environment should be controlled between 24 and 25 degrees. The accuracy of the quick titration method in the content test is more accurate, and the time is relatively short, sampling, testing needs to be completed within 30 minutes.

 Take Note of the Production of Magnesium Oxide Flame Retardant

The mechanism of flame retardant magnesium hydroxide flame retardant

Magnesium hydroxide decomposes when heated (340-490 degrees) to absorb the heat on the surface of the combustor to the flame retardant; at the same time, it releases a large amount of water to dilute the oxygen on the surface of the combustor, and the active magnesium oxide formed by decomposition adheres to the surface of the combustible and further prevents the combustion from proceeding. magnesium hydroxide not only does not produce any harmful substances during the whole flame retardant process, but also its decomposed products can absorb the harmful gases and smoke produced by the combustion of polymer such as rubber and plastics in large quantities while flame retardant. active magnesium oxide continuously absorbs the melting residue of incomplete combustion, from removing smoke and preventing droplets while the combustion stops quickly.  an emerging environmentally friendly inorganic flame retardant.

 The magnesium hydroxide flame retardant factory tells you the notice of magnesium oxide production process:

 First, the choice of magnesium oxide, at this time the magnesium oxide can not go to the required content, if the content is too high, caustic soda will inevitably be low, the previous article also wrote that caustic soda low magnesite product solidification time will be affected.

 Two: magnesium chloride concentration, must be a little higher than usual, otherwise there will be solidification time problem.

 Three: the problem of filling materials, do not blindly pursue quantity, this time should be reduced, reduce the filling materials to increase the speed of reaction, is what we should do.

 Four: stirring time, should be shortened, as far as possible to let the raw materials in the mold reaction, in order to increase the temperature.

Five: temperature control, especially in the north, if the temperature is below 18 degrees, production is not recommended, even if the product is barely solidified, the strength and service life need to be assessed.

In our country economic development demand of magnesium compounds as many as several hundred kinds of products, including requirement is the largest, most varieties of magnesium oxide series products: metallurgy, refractory materials and building materials industry needs a lot of light burning powder, heavy burning powder, fused magnesia; Rubber, ceramics and other industries need industrial magnesium oxide, the above belongs to the bulk of traditional products; And chloroprene rubber, fluorine rubber and adhesives sealing material need various active magnesium oxide, electric heater needs of electrical grade magnesium oxide, silicon steel refining plate need grade magnesium oxide, the electronics industry, defense industry and aviation industry need high purity magnesium oxide, pharmaceutical needs of pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, analysis reagent grade magnesium oxide, requires special industries such as membrane material, composite conductive material, high temperature resistant catalyst need special magnesium oxide, such as nanoscale magnesia whisker magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide, etc.