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  • Why Can Magnesium Hydroxide Be Used As Flame Retardant(1)

    2018-11-19 13:45:56
    Filling type magnesium hydroxide is a new kind of flame retardant, through thermal decomposition releases combined water, absorb a large number of latent heat, in order to reduce its fill of synthetic materials in the surface temperature of flame, can inhibit polymer decomposition and the combustible gas generated by the effect of cooling.
  • Application of Magnesium Oxide(MGO) in Silicon Steel(1)

    2018-11-19 13:25:48
    Our country is rich in magnesium resources, reserves, first in the world. Magnesia products are widely used, mainly used in cables, rubber, metallurgy, medicine, adhesives, ceramics and other industries.
  • Prospect Prediction of Magnesium Hydroxide(1)

    2018-11-19 11:09:04
    ​The outlook for magnesium hydroxide predicts that the world's oil and gas resources as a whole will be able to meet demand over the next decade, but oil and gas demand from emerging economies will increase sharply and global competition for oil and gas will intensify.
  • Introduction to Flame Retardant by Magnesite Company(1)

    2018-11-19 10:54:37
    Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant wood science, as a kind of flame retardant type magnesium hydroxide has been used widely now, and almost industry for the magnesium hydroxide flame retardant is also generally have basic understanding, so small make up or put some knowledge about magnesium hydroxide flame retardant with everyone share once.
  • Introduction to High Purity Magnesium Carbonate

    2018-11-19 10:45:05
    Of high purity magnesium carbonate super multi-purpose, high purity magnesium carbonate whisker as a function of the typical products, high purity magnesium carbonate is a single crystal of high purity magnesium carbonate hydrate, including faults, less impurities, less strength approached the ambition of crystal strength of joint strength, composite materials can be used as a filler, such as used in plastics, rubber, coatings, printing ink enhancement and modification, can show very * physical, chemical and excellent mechanical functions. With high purity magnesium carbonate whisker can be used as the preparation of high purity magnesium oxide, alkali type central body of high purity magnesium carbonate data. Can be obtained are first precursors, high purity magnesium carbonate after calcining crystalline outstanding magnesium oxide whisker.
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