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    Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Recycled Rubber Products

    ​Magnesium hydroxide, white amorphous powder.
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Magnesium hydroxide, white amorphous powder. The name is caustic soda, light burned magnesia, etc., the suspension of magnesium hydroxide in water is called magnesium hydroxide emulsion, referred to as magnesium milk, the English name is Magnesium hydroxide. Magnesium hydroxide is a colorless hexagonal column crystal or white powder, hardly soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in dilute acid and ammonium salt solution, and the aqueous solution is weakly alkaline. The solubility in water is small, but the water soluble fraction is completely ionized. The concentration of the saturated aqueous solution was 1.9 mg/liter (18 ° C). Heating to 350 ° C loses water to form magnesium oxide. Natural mineral brucite of magnesium hydroxide. Can be used in sugar and magnesium oxide. Because magnesium hydroxide is rich in nature and its chemical properties are similar to aluminum, users began to replace aluminum chloride with aluminum hydroxide for fragrance products.

Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Recycled Rubber Products

Magnesium hydroxide is a white amorphous powder with good cushioning properties, reactivity, adsorption and thermal decomposition properties. It is an environmentally-friendly filling flame retardant commonly used in the production of reclaimed rubber products, which can effectively improve recycled rubber products. The flame retardant properties improve the mechanical properties of flame retardant rubber products. Among them, nanometer magnesium hydroxide is more common in the production of flame retardant recycled rubber products. The modified magnesium hydroxide is not limited to the flame-retardant rubber product in the reclaimed rubber product, and can also be used in the production of shock-absorbing rubber products.

Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Recycled Rubber Products

1. Application of modified magnesium hydroxide in flame retardant rubber products

When using recycled rubber to produce flame-retardant rubber products, in order to improve the flame-retardant properties and mechanical properties of the flame-retardant rubber, it is necessary to add not only magnesium hydroxide to the reclaimed rubber product but also an appropriate amount of modifier. Magnesium hydroxide is a filled type flame retardant, so the reinforcing effect is weak. After the modifier is modified, the reinforcing effect of magnesium hydroxide can be significantly improved, and the tensile strength and tensile strength of the recycled rubber are improved. The tear strength and hardness of the flame retardant recycled rubber products produced are better.

2. Application of modified magnesium hydroxide in shock-absorbing rubber products

Anti-slip mats are a very common type of rubber damping element, which requires high physical and mechanical properties for reclaimed rubber compounds. Adding modifier-modified magnesium hydroxide can react with macromolecules of reclaimed rubber compound to improve the uniformity of dispersion of the powdery compounding agent in the rubber compound, thereby improving the tensile stress, compression set and anti-reduction of the reclaimed rubber compound. Fatigue performance and flexural resistance reduce the fatigue heat of the rubber compound, thereby effectively improving the reinforcing performance, processing performance, physical and mechanical properties of the reclaimed rubber damping rubber product, and prolonging the service life of the reclaimed rubber damping product.

The traditional shock-absorbing rubber products are processed by using natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, EPDM rubber, etc. The butyl reclaimed rubber and nitrile reclaimed rubber in the reclaimed rubber products are also ideal materials for producing shock-absorbing rubber products. It can guarantee the performance of shock-absorbing reclaimed rubber products, and can also significantly reduce the cost of raw materials. The shock-absorbing parts that work in oil medium for a long time are best to use nitrile reclaimed rubber to ensure good shock absorption and oil resistance.


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Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Recycled Rubber Products


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