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    Brucite Granule

    Soil amendment 2-4mm, 90%passing through C-MGO ,55.0%min Brucite Fast disintegration 100% Good for Acid Soil Well strengh for BB raw materials Factory Directly.
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Soil amendment             2-4mm, 90%passing through    C-MGO ,55.0%min


Fast disintegration 100% 

Good for Acid Soil 

Well strengh for BB raw materials 

Factory Directly.


Brucite Granule

Feature and Technology  

1. The product is an anti-leaching high content magnesium fertilizer manufactured by employing two unique technologies specially for magnesium deficient tropical regions.  

2. Employing the TCR technology, quickly transform the product into a state easily utilized by plant since fertilizing, gradually release nutrients from soil within 6 months, and provide adequate magnesium nutrition for plant.  

3.Employing the G-tech, the product is fully-granulated, well-proportioned in granularity, with less dusts, a better mobility, without agglomeration, and convenient for fertilizing. 

4. The product is applicable for magnesium-relying fruits and economic crops in regions in serious deficiency of magnesium. 

5. The product could be used as raw material of BB fertilizer.

The chemical composition of brucite, simple formula for Mg (OH) 2, brucite is very rare in the nature of high magnesite material, its theoretical chemistry MgO style, H2O, 69.12% and 30.55%, the nature of output water magnesium stone often impurities such as Fe, Mn, zinc, Ni, these impurities in class quality with like, the formation of the solid solution series of continuous or discontinuous, composition end-member subspecies: hot metal magnesium stone (including 10%) FeO, manganese brucite (MnO) 18%, zinc brucite (ZnO) 4%, nickel brucite (NiO) 2.5%. Brucite associated minerals have a serpentine, calcite, dolomite, magnesite, magnesium silicate minerals, periclase, diopside, talc and so on.

Common brucite in thick plate, single crystal flake, into a fibrous, sometimes referred to as the fiber brucite; White to pale green, containing manganese or iron is reddish brown. The color change of the brucite depends on the content of foreign substance, such as iron, manganese variants of impurities in yellow or maroon; Transparent; Cleavage plane as the pearly luster, fresh and fracture now vitreous luster, crystal fiber brucite is silk luster; Hardness is 2.5; The proportion of 2.3 ~ 2.6 g/cm3.

Brucite Granule

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Brucite Granule

Main products: magnesium hydroxide flame retardant and brucite powder. Complete specifications of products, welcome to visit our factory guidance.


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